[CT Birds] Fwd: It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's… a drone!?

Nancymeyerlustman nancymeyerlustman at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 19:02:20 EDT 2013

>> Subject: Nighthawks and... drones??
>> I realize this is off-topic but I hope you will bear with me. While watching nighthawks (posted earlier) we spotted something odd in the night sky. I'm writing to inquire if anyone has seen anything like this. At about 7:55 we noticed an oblong black object, maybe two feet wide and three feet long, and moving southeast. It moved slowly at first and then seemed to switch with greater speed and intention in a northeasterly direction.  We watched it with bins and it passed directly over our heads and then out of sight. I also noticed that the top of the leading edge seemed to be reflective - like the last rays of the sun were bouncing off this surface. The rest of the thing was stone cold black.
>> I know what this must sound like but we ALL saw it! Has anyone seen one of these things?? have any idea of what it might be? We wondered whether it might be a drone.
>> Any insights are most welcome.
>> Eileen et al...

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