[CT Birds] meriden hummers

Ricki Soucy rickisoucy at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 5 19:46:46 EDT 2013

For several years, I put my hummingbird feeder on the end of the "T" my husband made for me to hang feeders.  Last year I moved the feeder to under the eaves in front of my kitchen window.  My "resident" hummers would go up to the T first, when they first came in the spring, but by the second day, had found the new location and continue to use it til they leave in early September.  I always know the transient hummers, because they automatically go to the T and then use the flowers in my  perennial beds,, never going to the feeder under the eaves.  Obviously the birds use the same route each spring on their way north, but have never stayed long enough to acclimate to the new feeder location.  My husband, who is retired and spends the bulk of his day outdoors in his veggie garden, says that he has seen several hummers go directly to the T and then light on the pea fence, finally going to the salvia and petunias as their last resort.  What I'm
 planning on doing for tomorrow is putting a spare feeder up on the T to accommodate those travelers.
Ricki Soucy

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