[CT Birds] : Lighthouse Point hawk Watch, Thursday, 9/5

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I Should have added that there has been a very large flight of  Bobolinks 
over the park this year, and yesterday we estimated that there was  well over 
1000. In fact, they seemed to make up the majority of the migrating  
Also, 8 Monk Parakeets circled the park. Quite a few RT  Humingbirds moving 
through as well.
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With a decent northwest breeze the activity picked up a  little Thursday 
for the first time. The definite highlight is the Osprey  migration, and 
things are very different this year. Normally at this time,  very few of the 
Osprey are migrating, although we see lots of them, flying  lazy circles around 
the park and most all carrying a fish (usually menhaden  aka bunker) which 
they eat on the fly. Yesterday almost every Osprey we saw  was heading west 
and no mistaking it. We counted 50 birds and only one was  carrying a fish. 
It was a flounder.  Other years, even if we saw 50 only  a very small number 
would have been counted as migrating.
Several weeks ago there was a report on CTBirds that the  supply of bait 
fish in the Sound was very low, and apparently that is still  true, and these 
birds are leaving early in hopes of finding "greener  pastures". It may not 
bode well for this year's fledglings, as some may be  left alone before they 
are able to fully fend for  themselves.
Perhaps because of the wind there seemed to be a pattern that  many 
followed yesterday. They spiraled steeply up over the marsh to the east,  and when 
high enough set their wings and headed due west with hardly another  flap of 
the wings. We had one group of 9 that showed up together and did  exactly 
that, streaming west  in a line after getting several hundred  feet high. 
The other birds seen yesterday were in small numbers, a few  Kestrels, 
Sharp-shinned Hawks, etc. The most notable was and adult Bald Eagle,  first of 
the season I believe. Actually we spotted an immature eagle on  Wednesday, 
but it went off to the east and was not counted.  
In addition to migrators  we saw 2 Black Vultures and  a Glossy Ibis, which 
was heading west until intercepted by the current  "park"  Merlin, and then 
quickly made tracks back to the east. There is  also a pair of Broad-winged 
Hawks which seem to be just hanging around the  park.  

Don  Morgan

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