[CT Birds] Lighthouse Park - 153 Raptors and 74 Hummingbirds

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 8 20:24:54 EDT 2013

153 hawks (10 species, but non-migrant TVs were also seen) on afternoon 8 mph NW winds that gusted to 25 mph.  Please see HawkCount for details.  Osprey are moving (35 today) and we are seeing a few typically later migrants moving high above, East to West.  

There were many in-the-Park hawks with the usual squabbles.  The locals really started acting up late afternoon.  A Merlin shot towards the treetops and a Peregrine pounced out from among the Oaks and almost got it.  'Nice to see the big guy as the bully for once.  A few minutes later, male and female juv. Merlin got in an aerial tiff.  Several timid juv. Red-tails in the Park as well.

Other sightings included Laughing Gull 6, Tree Swallow 361, Barn Swallow 130, Bank Swallow 1, RT 
Hummingbird 74 (!), Chimney Swift - 348, BG Gnatcatcher 2, Bobolink 7 
(mostly HO), Cedar Waxwing, 8.

'An all day Odonata-palooza.  In spite of the strong NW winds many 
hundreds of dragonflies (80% Bk Saddlebags; some 12-spotted, Green 
Darners and many unidentified jewels) were in the Park all day.  A quick
 count yielded over 150 in each Park quadrant - 600 dragonflies, but 
this didn't even consider the dozens up against the oaks, down in the 
Park lowlands towards the Carousel, or all that were only a moderate 
distance from the watch site and otherwise "blended in".  There were 60 weary saddlebags faced 
into the wind, hugging a single small rose bush and allowing close observation - amazing. 

At the end of the day, a low, loud, lumbering old war bird (B24 Liberator) turned just above the watch site and headed back towards the setting sun.  

Steve Mayo

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