[CT Birds] Sad News

John Ogren northernrail at comcast.net
Mon Sep 9 18:26:18 EDT 2013

A few sad (or no) sightings recently-
   A "Road Kill" Bald Eagle today on the ramp from RT 91 South to Rt 9 South in the shoulder of the high speed lane. And then when we get to Old Saybrook about a mile from our house two young (first year) coyotes  had been hit by a car on Maple Ave.
   And I know this is not bird related also but has anybody noticed that there are very few Monarch Butterflies this year?  I had contacted Richard Chyinski from the CT Butterfly Association earlier this summer about doing a Monarch tagging session in Old Saybrook for the Land Trust Kids Program. He pointed out then that Mexico opened up logging operations last winter in the area that they migrate to. Also severe drought and the added corn planting (for ethanol) in the SW US  have wiped out a lot of the milkweed that the first generations of Monarchs depend on. I know this time last year I had 20-30 Monarchs in my gardens every sunny day-I have yet to see one this year.
 John Ogren

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