[CT Birds] Long-distance Sandpiper

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 10 08:36:41 EDT 2013

Hi folks,
Here's some follow up info on a color-banded Semipalmated Sandpiper ("JNH" on blue leg flag) that John Oshlick and I saw at Long Beach in Stratford on 6 August 2013.
This bird was banded 26 January 2012 in Coroa dos Ovos, Maranhao, Brazil.
It was then sighted 21 May 2012 in Mispillion Harbor, Delaware (migrating north towards breeding grounds).
It then likely traveled much farther north into northern Canada or Alaska to breed on the tundra.
Then our sighting as above.

The distance between Stratford, CT and the Brazil site is roughly 3400 miles. And that's only part of their yearly journey. This for a bird that weighs 0.88 ounce (25 grams)!

Yet another reason why I love shorebirds.

Frank Mantlik

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