[CT Birds] Waxwing hooliganism

VALERY MELNIKOW valery51 at optimum.net
Tue Sep 10 14:49:29 EDT 2013

val and chris melnikov. 09/10. Birdcraft Ffld. 11:35. Birdcraft was rich 
with creatures today. the treetops seemed to be alive with Robins, 
Catbirds, Yellow Warblers and a pair of punky waxwings. we stood on the 
deck just forward of the overhang, my wife spotted the waxwings just 
across the pond in the treetop. we watched for a minute or so when 
one of the waxwings made a beeline directly towards us. it dropped from 
it's perch, flew right at us and at the last moment at no more than 3 to 
5 m the wings flared and it continued upward. the bird returned to it's 
wingman who then repeated the procedure. we shall lodge a firmly worded 
protest at being treated so shabbily.

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