[CT Birds] CTBirds Digest, Vol 2391, Issue 2

Larry N lvn600 at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 14 17:03:39 EDT 2013

>From  Larry Nichols : 9/14/13
I wanted to see if I could find a place to watch for migrating Broad-winged Hawks that was closer to home (Portland) than some of the hawk watch sites.
I tried searching from the top of Castle Craig in Meriden between 10am and 12 noon but didn't see many-a line of a dozen was the most action I had.
I then tried an open field that sits just above the river in Portland near a town park. I arrived at 2pm and caught a kettle of 67 which formed directly overhead.
At 3:30 pm 80 more broad-wings came streaming though and then an additional 20 at 3:40 pm. There were 9 additional straglers to add to the list. Nothing earth shattering but I was happy to see that many broad-wings fly right over Portland.


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