[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park Saturday

Dave Provencher hikerbirder at gmail.com
Sat Sep 14 20:12:41 EDT 2013

Ya good luck counting dragonflies by species and by the hour! On peak days
it'd be amazing if a dedicated observer could come close to a rough total,
let alone get reasonable numbers by species!

On Saturday, September 14, 2013, Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz wrote:

> Compilation continues, but it sounds like somewhere around 700 raptors (11
> species), were tallied today during moderate NW winds and plenty of fair
> weather clouds and 11 hours of observation.
> The late afternoon falcon follies included Peregrine vs. Osprey, Merlin
> vs. Crow, Merlin vs. 1st cycle Herring Gull, Merlin vs. Kestrel, Merlin vs.
> Dragonfly.  Apparently, Merlins simply hate everyone.
> Thousands of Tree Swallows and Chimney Swifts went through today.  There
> was of course no way to count these birds while trying to count hawks.  By
> just looking at very rough estimates of rates per hour, these numbers were
> somewhere around 2500 Tree Swallows during the afternoon and 3000 Chimney
> Swifts for the day.   The sky was filled with these birds all going east to
> west.
> As were the dragonflies.  It is fairly easy to go around the perimeter of
> Park counting by tens, and in less than 5 minutes or so, come up with
> 1,000.  What to do with this number?  Add a zero?  Two?  Three zeroes?  The
> HawkCount guidance asks that we count migrating dragonflies as if we were
> counting hawks, that is count them continuously and report each hour, by
> individual species of course!  It would be fascinating to see what some
> army of experienced counters would come up with.
> http://hmana.org/MDP/?PHPSESSID=b46b3273c3b639336498774f094864ab
> So, if there any swallow or dragonfly aficionados out there...
> Steve Mayo
> Bethany
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