[CT Birds] LIghthouse Point Park New Haven Sunday - 138 Raptors and RED-HEADED WOODPECKER

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 15 19:02:48 EDT 2013

We had 138 hawks today, before the winds turned onshore and everything died.  Well, that was a nice run, from 1230 pm Friday til about 1230 pm today.  

Ron Pelletier got us on an adult Red-headed Woodpecker teed up atop the oaks.  It took off after a few moments, never to be seen.  Also 1 Purple Finch, 3-4 Savannah Sparrows have moved in, several warblers including 3 Western Palm, Redstarts, etc., 10 BG Gnatcatcher, 11 RT Hummingbirds, etc. 

I was way off base on yesterday's count (I had earlier reported "about 700").  Tony Hager (and I, at the bitter end), had a total of 997 for the day, including 513 Broadies and 1 juv. N Goshawk.

All details in HawkCount.

Steve Mayo

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