[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point vs Mansfield/Willi Town Line

Jo-Anne Roberts jmrcnslt at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 15 21:21:35 EDT 2013

I took friends to LHP this afternoon. We arrived around 2:30 to find that the winds had changed and not a hawk was in sight. 
However, this morning around 10 am I did see 2 Coopers Hawks at the Staple's Plaza on Rt 195 in Mansfield and later on driving South on Rt 32 in South Windham I saw another! Also noted another hawk that I couldn't identify since I was driving along Rt 66 in Hebron. So my day wasn't completely wasted. Oh and we stopped in Columbia to witness the partial rainbow around the sun (sun halo). 
As others have witnessed, there here loads of dragonflies at LHP. We also noted 2 osprey and many gulls. I will return to LHP during this week or next and hopefully will be rewarded with hawk sightings! 
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