[CT Birds] Empid ID question

Richard Payne richardpayne07 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 15 21:41:22 EDT 2013

Dear all,

I was at Hammo this afternoon, had no luck with finding the phalarope, but
I did see an empid along the Moraine Trail that is gets to the heart of
today's empid discussion. Bold eye ring and solid white wing bars with an
olive-green back and a very yellow belly, but the breast was whitish, and
while there was some yellow in the throat, it didn't really stick out like
taxi-cab yellow, and was nowhere nearly as bright as the yellow on the
belly (saw the bird in very good light). At first I was leaning towards
Yellow-bellied, but then the breast and throat had me leaning towards
Acadian - but wouldn't Acadian also be somewhat unusual at this date?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!
Richard P.

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