[CT Birds] West Hartford Rt 44 Powerlines

Sara Zagorski penguinsz at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 17 13:09:37 EDT 2013

9/17 - West Hartford Rt 44 Powerlines:

There was a mixed flock of warblers that went racing down the powerline this morning. It was quite windy and the birds were moving very fast, so I know I missed several species. Of the ones I saw were Cape May warbler, bay-breasted warbler, chestnut-sided warbler, american redstart, magnolia, northern parula, common yellowthroat, bt green, bt blue, red-eyed vireo, yellow-throated vireo, warbling vireo.

Rocky Hill Meadows had no birds there this morning at all, even though they are rolling up the turf fields. Sigh. 

Sara Zagorski

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