[CT Birds] Wilson's Phalarope anecdote

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 17 15:22:08 EDT 2013

I thought of posting this yesterday but was not  100 % sure of what I saw.But since no one posted seeing the phalarope after 1:30 yesterday,here is one possibility.

After having great looks at the Wilson's Phalarope with a number of other birders and one very interested high school student,I chatted with someone in the parking area next to Boulder Pond and heard shorebirds calling frantically.I looked toward the pond, and saw a Northern Harrier flying away with a bird that I think was the phalarope. All the shorebirds cleared out of the pond and the harrier circled around and out of sight with its' lunch. 

I was really hoping someone would see the phalarope again but that hasn't happened yet. So even though I would like to think it left yesterday,I really think Hammo was it's last stop. Please someone prove me wrong!

Tina Green
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