[CT Birds] LHPP Tuesday 9-17-2013

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Tue Sep 17 15:53:40 EDT 2013

The expected strong winds from the North East, North, and North West did not disappoint us today at Lighthouse Point Park.

The hawks were cooperating and Migrating like they are supposed to. We had the following migrating thru:

Osprey... 15
Northern Harrier... 4
Sharp-Shinned Hawk... 63
Cooper's Hawk... 17
Bald Eagle... 14 ...about equal Adult and Im-mature
Broad-Wing Hawk... 295   ..  many of these birds were ketteling up after coming back from over the water..  unusual action for the Broadies

American Kestrel... 10
Merlin... 5
Peregrine Falcon... 4

Also ..  very good looks at a GOLDEN EAGLE... 1

We also had the usual complement of TV, RS, and RT hawks.

Bill Banks

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