[CT Birds] retraction of Orange-crowned

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That's good birding, something you can always count on Charlie to do. Being correct is always his priority.  
This also gives me an opportunity to note that Orange-crowned Warbler is a rather late migrant and a suspected bird anytime in September, other than the real waning days perhaps, should be looked at critically (as Charlie did by getting a photo.) There are other confusion species in addition to Palm, most notably Yellow Warbler. There are some Yellows (maybe of northern origin?) that can be quite greenish and puzzling.  
This may have changed a bit in recent years, but there was a time when there were virtually no documented Orange-crowneds at our latitude in the East in September.  
Greg Hanisek  

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I am retracting my call of Orange-crowned Warbler on Long Beach, based upon
feedback which I have received from the photo. It is being judged an
eastern race of Palm Warbler, based upon faint back streaking, somewhat
bright upper tail coverts, wing bars which are too strong and, to some,
white-spotting in the tail feathers.

Back to the drawing board for me.

Charlie Barnard Jr
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