[CT Birds] Sick Blue Jays

Pamela Holden pjp.holden at comcast.net
Wed Sep 18 16:44:16 EDT 2013

Yesterday we had a blue jay that couldn't stand up and was on the ground in
the bushes.  My husband picked him up and the bird yelled quite a bit but
couldn't fly or stand when he put him back down.  We ended up putting him in
a box to decide what to do.  There are cats from neighbors that are allowed
to roam so we didn't want one torturing it.  There didn't seem to be any
marks on it.  Aside from it not being able to fly or stand, that was all we
could see.  We went back out minutes later to check on it, and it had died.


Today there is another blue jay that is acting strange.  I am able to walk
right up to it.  It seems unafraid.  I tried making him move away, but he
just hopped a little bit away from me.  He kept doing that until he flew a
bit into some brush.  He almost seems like he doesn't know what to do or how
to eat.  It makes me think it's a baby that never learned how to act.  Aside
from some scruffy head feathers, he looks fine.  No marks on him.  He can
fly a little bit and land on the fence but will not fly away from me.  When
I talk to him he turns his head and looks at me to listen.  Is it an
orphaned blue jay?  What about the one from yesterday?  Have they been


Any ideas/suggestions appreciated.


Pam Holden


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