[CT Birds] Flock of migrants and fall out

Katherine Kuckens katkuckens at gmail.com
Sat Sep 21 13:58:03 EDT 2013

"Our" goldfinches have been gone for more than a week.  Then, today at
about 1:15, a flock of little green birds dropped into our trees. What a
racket they made!  The flew frantically, warbler-like, from tree to tree in
a busy, noisy little herd.  "Our" goldfinches were placid and tame, landing
on the feeders even if we were nearby.   Finally the visitors started
coming to the thistle feeder and sunflower mix feeder.  They looked like
female goldfinches, but greener.  And the frantic cheeping was not like any
goldfinch I ever heard. Nor did they have the typical roller-coaster
flight.  I assume they are migrants, perhaps spooked by the moderate
downpour we just had.

The forecast for tonight is showers, possibly heavier thunder showers
towards dawn.  Does this mean there could be a fallout?  If so, when would
be the best time to look for birds? And where?  Sorry to be so ignorant --
I just never seem to catch a fallout!

Katherine Kuckens

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