[CT Birds] Fwd: American Golden Plover & Leucistic Plover

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Sun Sep 22 18:34:22 EDT 2013

Note re: leucistic Plover: I don't feel I could be sure from the visual whether Semipalmated or Piping Plover, but inland would suggest Semipalmated & that was the only one on the ebird species list. A photo would have helped but I had no camera....
Patrice F.

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> Subject: American Golden Plover & Leucistic Plover
> From Patrice Favreau:
> late posting, but thought I'd add my observations to recent report:
> 9/20/13  Friday around 2PM:  I likewise saw a few Am. Golden Plover & the leucisitic Plover that appears to be a Semipalmated, & at least 10 Killdeer, on a small island in Mansfield Hollow Reservoir. I saw them from my kayak. I did not get around to posting to ctbirds, but did put on ebird. The leucisitic Plover had orange legs, pure white body except a light dusky/smoky tail band, black eyes, black bill.
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