[CT Birds] Westport Highlights

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 23 11:32:37 EDT 2013

9/23/13- Westport-CT Audubon Tree Farm- Great-crested Flycatcher,Red-eyed Vireo,Brown Thrasher,2Northern Parula,Magnolia,Yellow-rumped Warbler,3 Black-throated Green Warbler,Blackpoll Warbler,Black-and-white Warbler,3 American Redstart,Common Yellowthroats,Scarlet Tanager

Sherwood Island SP- 2 Northern Harriers,3Sharp-shinned Hawk,4 Cooper's Hawk,1st year Bald Eagle,2 Red-shouldered Hawk,a kettle of 12 Broad-winged Hawks,2 American Kestrel,2 Eastern Wood-peewee,7 Eastern Phoebe,Great-crested Flycatcher,Red-eyed Vireo,Blue-gray Gnatcatcher,Ruby-crowned Kinglet,Hermit Thrush,Brown Thrasher,Tennessee Warbler,Northern Parula,Magnolia Warbler,2 Yellow-rumped Warbler,2 Black-throated Green Warbler,Pine Warbler,2 Palm Warbler(Eastern),2 American Redstart,FOS Dark-eyed Junco

Tina Green
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