[CT Birds] CAS Smith Richardson & Sherwood Island SP additions

Mardi Dickinson mardi1d at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 19:56:31 EDT 2013

From Mardi & Townsend Dickinson:
9/23/13- Westport, CT- CAS H. Smith Richardson Wildlife Preserve, Christmas Tree side - Dickcissel, Great Crested Flycatcher, 
2 Indigo Buntings, 2 Blue-headed Vireos, 1 Red-eyed Vireo, Scarlet Tanager, Brown Thrasher,  American Redstart.
Westport, CT- Sherwood Island SP- 2 Bald Eagles (Adult & Juvenile), 2 Merlins, 6 American Kestrels, 1 Sharp-shinned Hawk,
1 Cooper's Hawk, 1 Red-shouldered Hawk, 1 Broad-winged Hawk, 2 Killdeer 1 Saltmarsh/Nelsons Sparrow type species that blew by.

Mardi Dickinson
Norwalk, CT

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