[CT Birds] LHPP 9-24 OKAY DAY + NG

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Tue Sep 24 15:33:31 EDT 2013

At Lighthouse Point Park - Tuesday, 9-24-2013

While nothing like Monday's wild ride, Today was a normal Hawk Count day.
30 Osprey, 6 Northern Harriers, including 1 Gray Ghost, 76 Sharp-Shinned Hawks, 13 Cooper's Hawks, 4 Bald Eagles, all sub-adult, 10 Broad-wing hawks, 37 American Kestrels, 2 Merlins and 3 Peregrine Falcons made for an interesting day.
What made it exciting was a Juvenile NORTHERN GOSHAWK that came right over the group of us, was well seen and picked apart as to ID and gave us great looks. A total of 182 birds went bye-bye.

Today was also the first day that I had 250 Canada Geese flying. 6 Greater Yellowlegs, 360 Cedar Waxwings, and about 1,100 tree swallows rounded out the day.

Thanks for the help from Tom Murray, Bill Batsford, Lynn James, Don Morgan, Fred Caples, Ross Allen, Carol Goertz, Judy Moore, Marty Moore and John Oshlick

Bill Banks

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