[CT Birds] FREE BIRD and Nature Books!!! Part 2 THANK YOU

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Sat Sep 28 09:16:19 EDT 2013

THank You everyone for all your suggestions. Over the last three  
weeks, I have  attempted to make arrangements for these books,  
etc.....but it has turned into a scheduling problem..... I did make  
connections with one Audubon Center and they will be going through my  
books and other stuff tonight. However, I am out of time and options  
for these books. I don't have any more time to invest in trying to  
find homes for these books, etc. so this is the best way that I can  
think of. So if you are interested and might know someone that might  
be interested, please come to Hammo tomorrow morning. I really hate to  
have to throw them away, but I just don't have any more time or energy  
to try to find homes for them!

Thanks again!!

Hopefully I will see you in the morning! :^)

Best Regards,


Quoting kmueller at ntplx.net:

> I am in the process of downsizing my studio which includes finding  
> some very much needed shelf space for the many piles of books I have  
> on my studio floor. I have culled through all my hundreds and  
> hundreds of books and have put aside a pile of a few hundred BIRD,  
> NATURE and Field Guide Books that I need to find good homes for.  
> There are many books that would be great for kids and beginning  
> birders, and anyone interested in nature from all around the world.  
> They are all in various conditions, but still quite intact.
> I am offering these books to anyone that might be interested or know  
> someone that will have a need for them such as Nature Centers, Young  
> Birders, etc.
> Since I don't have allot of time to find homes for these books, I  
> will have a short window to do so. Unfortunately whatever books I  
> don't find homes for will end up in the dump!
> I will be at Hammonassett Beach SP tomorrow morning from around 8:30  
> for a couple of hours. I will be set up in the Nature Center parking  
> lot. Just look for my Gray Dodge pick-up truck with a cap on it and  
> a table set up at the back of my truck. My license plate is SEA DAK.  
> Please come and find homes for all these books, it will be a shame  
> to throw them away in the dump!!
> See you tomorrow morning!
> Keith Mueller
> Killingworth

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