[CT Birds] Banding Demonstration (Nice counterpart to COA sparrow workshop on the 20th)

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 *          PRESS RELEASE
               For Release: September 24, 2013 *

*               Contact: Joan Winter*

259-0416 ext. 109*

* *

* *

* Bird Banding Demonstration*

* Pine Creek Open Space, Fairfield*


*Tuesday, October 22*

*9 a.m.*

*Pine Creek Open Space, Fairfield*

Join Master bander Judy Richardson and her team of licensed banders as they
take bird banding on the road!  They usually band at Connecticut Audubon
Society’s Birdcraft Sanctuary, but they wanted to see if they could catch
some different migratory birds closer to the sound. You won't want to miss
this opportunity to see resident and migratory birds up close, as birds are
caught in mist nets and banded for the purpose of research. Meet at Pine
Creek Open Space at the gated entrance on Old Dam Road. If it is raining,
banding will not take place and will be postponed to Tuesday October 29.

Birds are captured using a fine net (known as a mist net).  Birds that fly
into the net are gently removed and a permanent aluminum or other
light-weight band is placed around the bird’s leg.  Birds are then
measured, weighed, sexed and aged before they are released back into the
wild unharmed.  If the bird is recovered, either dead or alive, at a future
time, the information is recorded and the data is sent to the original
bander and the Bird Banding Laboratory.

Bird banding is an integral aid to the study of wild birds, their
migration, behavior, social structure, life-span, survival rate,
reproductive success and population growth. From the data collected
scientists can also determine where specific birds migrate to breed, where
they spend the winter, whether species populations are rising or falling,
and other details of their lives.

Connecticut Audubon Society’s has operated a Bird Banding Station at the
Birdcraft Sanctuary since the seventies. Volunteers, licensed by the U.S.
Fish and Wildlife Service, have documented more that 18,000 birds at this

The fee is $7.  Call the Connecticut Audubon Society for reservations at
203-259-6305 ext. 109.

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