[CT Birds] Learning curve for juvenile downy

Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 18:14:00 EDT 2013

9/30  Orange backyard.
We have had a juvenile downy woodpecker here for a few days with its
parents, who have been feeding it in our trees, and caring for it.  Today
my husband and I watched as this juvenile attempted several times to get to
the suet feeder, and later this afternoon to the sunflower chips feeder.
This morning it tried multiple times to climb up the metal pole where the
suet feeder is hung from -slid down, tried scooting up, slid down, etc.
It's not a strong flier yet either.  Finally this morning, it flew the 3
feet to the trunk of the tree next to the pole where the suet feeder
hangs.  It scooted up the tree trunk, scooted across the horizontal branch
and then made the short leap/flight onto the suet feeder.  Yay- for
learning a new approach!
This afternoon it attempted again many times, to climb the metal pole on
which the sunflower chips feeder is hung. Sliding down each time, seemingly
exhausted. It encountered the baffle, and slid down again.  Then the light
bulb went off in its head, it flew to the tree trunk next to the sunflower
feeder, scooted up that trunk....scooted across that horizontal branch and
again, made the short leap/flight to the sunflower chips feeder.  Amazing,
how they figure these things out.  I hope it gets its flying skills
strengthened soon.
Our 2 juvenile male cardinals continue feeding on the ground, although
their parents have learned to feed from the perches of the sunflower chip
It was fascinating entertainment to watch this Downy today.
Bev Propen, Orange

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