[CT Birds] All Refuges Closed

David F Provencher (Generation - 4) david.f.provencher at dom.com
Tue Oct 1 16:35:17 EDT 2013

Far from despised Barbara. I agree with your post. The majority of those on the "front lines" of refuges, parks, and monuments, care very much about what they do. Simply looking at what they get paid should be a strong clue that they are not in it just for personal gain or for some nefarious scheme. They do not have easy jobs. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, has their idea of how things should be done. There has to be rules and rule enforcers, and not everyone will like them. I don't like some of the rules myself, but without them there would be no place safe from ATVs, indiscriminant camping (I could show you some nasty long lasting environmental damage above treeline in the White Mts caused by improper camping), dirt bikes, monster trucks, etc. And every interest group seems to say the same thing, "Its public land so I should be able to do what I like where I like when I like." Check out Wyoming's public lands future prospects if you want to see where that leads.

The shutdown is not what men and women in service uniform want either. Would any of us want to be in their shoes today, wondering if they'll get paid while having to field angry questions and unfair accusations from the public? My desk job seems a tad easier today in that context. And I doubt the people who caused the shutdown read CTBirds, so please write your elected officials and express your position.


David Provencher
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