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Ricki Soucy rickisoucy at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 2 07:23:43 EDT 2013

Back yesterday from 10 days at a Mexican resort.  Had 4 life birds to add to my list. 
1. Royal Terns, some still feeding young.
2. Yellow Throated Warblers, most doing their up-side down foraging in the many palm trees on the resort.  Probably the most colorful of any warblers I've seen.
3. Great Kiskadees, who were probably feeding young just outside the resort's fenced in pool area in back of our room block.  They would snatch small dragonflies out of the air and return to the same tree in the mangrove swamp, disappearing for minutes at a time.  They never appeared to eat any of those, but did land on a palm quite often to snap other bugs to eat themselves.
4. Hooded Oriole.  Don't know if this is nesting time for them, but always saw pairs together.
Also had mixed flocks of swallows and martins, including barn, rough winged, tree and cliff.  Small flocks of Little Blue Herons would stream by at sun rise, mostly white juvi's, with dark adults here and there.  Only one hummer, which I was unable to verify; it looked like a Rufus but as they are primarily west coast birds I tend to think it was a Central American bird I had no picture of in my Sibley book.
Finally saw wild coatimundi nosing around at sun rise.  They are very noisy and forage in large groups, eating bugs, fallen palm fruits and flowers.
All in all a very good outing, just being able to use my glasses mostly from the room's balcony.
Ricki Soucy

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