[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point hawkwatch, 10-3-13

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Thu Oct 3 19:20:08 EDT 2013

Another day somewhat better than I expected. Started with very  light 
northerly winds, increasing somewhat and finally shifting to west around  noon. 
Not too much passerine movement, a few hundred Bluejays, couple  of  hundred 
Tree Swallows, 4 Chimney Swifts and 1 RT Hummingbird. Just a few  Monarchs 
and almost no dragonflies. Sharpies and Kestrels made up the majority  of 
raptors. 111 total counted. 
The sky started almost clear, and cloud cover increased  throughout the 
day, but it was gauzy, see-through thin for the most part, a lot  of it 
apparently contrails that seemed to have a life of their own and grew and  grew.
Among 7 people who visited and helped out were Seigne and  Leif Novrup, 
visiting from Denmark. Leif is the "Osprey record keeper" for  Denmark, 
although they have very few OS in the country, and he helped spot  several birds. 
They were very interested in our raptors, since they don't have  most of them 
at home.
Don Morgan

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