[CT Birds] CACC

Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 14:26:54 EDT 2013

Milford,  10/9 Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center,  9:30AM-1PM,
sunny/cloudy  58-64F
low tide rising.
On the grounds were many Yellow rumped warblers, a magnolia warbler, many
Ruby crowned and Golden crowned kinglets, a Palm Warbler, 2 Song sparrows,
2 Savannah sparrows, multiple eastern Phoebes, Cardinals, Blue Jays, a
House wren, an Eastern Towhee.
On the marsh, 6 Greater Yellow legs, 1 Snowy Egrets, 3 Great Egrets, 10
D.C. Cormorants, Mute swans,
a juvenile Yellow Crowned night heron-actively feeding, Ring billed &
Herring gulls.
Beverly Propen, Orange

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