[CT Birds] Belding WMA --CT warbler, Clay-colored etc

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I did not find the CT warbler (only YRWAs and COYEs), but the clay-colored
sparrow was seen/photographed Monday morning in the left corner of the field
where Tom indicated. Also found in this field and the field across Bread and
Milk Road were a pair of Lincoln's sparrows and many, many swamp and song
sparrows. Excellent habitat there.
Russ Smiley
Marlborough, CT

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Hello CT birders,

I'm from Oregon and here visiting the state where I was raised (lived here
for 28+).

This morning I was at Valley Falls Park and then went to Belding WMA.  At
Valley Falls my best bird was  a Blackpoll mixed in with a scad of

At Belding (what I remember as Bissell and Belding from before the days of
the WMA)  I had, in quick succession,   a Clay-colored sparrow, a Field
sparrow  and then, while pishing the Field sp. an immature Connecticut
warbler popped up, posed clearly at about 6 yards, and flitted away. I
waited a few minutes, moved down the brush line a few yards to a clearing
and after pishing and owl-tooting briefly saw the bird again.  I clearly
noted the complete eye-ring and the brownish breast which was complete (i.e
not interrupted by any yellow from belly  up to throat as is the case for
Mourning fide Nat. Geo. 6). Also,  I am Very   familiar with MacGillivray's
. These birds were seen right around 11 a.m.

The birds were in the east field dissected by Bread & Milk Rd.

good birding,
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