[CT Birds] Blue Grosbeak NO, Clay-colored Sparrow YES at Bauer Farm

Jacob Musser jacob.musser at yale.edu
Wed Oct 16 20:29:59 EDT 2013


I went to Bauer Farm in Madison at around 2 pm today to look for the 
previously reported Blue Grosbeak.  While there I ran into Sara Zagorski 
and we proceeded to look for the bird.  Unfortunately, we missed the 
BLUE GROSBEAK, but we did find a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW in the southern 
part of the community garden.  In general, the community garden was 
quite active with lots of sparrows, and there may be more of interest in 
there.  Also, I spoke with Jerry Connolly about the location of the Blue 
Grosbeak.  He described it as being in the extreme Northwest corner of 
the main community garden proper, which is a small garden with short but 
thick brush.

Jacob Musser
New Haven

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