[CT Birds] Needed apology and explanation

Paul Cianfaglione pgcianfaglione at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 13:28:20 EDT 2013

To all subscribers of the CTlists, I would like to apologize to everyone
that was offended by my comments this morning regarding Mallard and Black
Duck behavior. Unfortunately, my comments could, and were taken out of
context. My comments were intended to be solely about the bird species, the
American Black Duck. If and when I post to CTLists, I will certainly
re-read and think about what I have written. I would like to thank the
entire CT Birding community for allowing me to apologize and explain my
interpretation of the post. Again, I apologize to all that were offended by
my vague comments.

Sincerely, Paul Cianfaglione

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