[CT Birds] Harkness Memorial SP in Waterford; advice about Nastygrams

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Fri Oct 18 18:07:13 EDT 2013

Spent a good part of the afternoon birding some of the brushy parts of Harkness.  it was very windy but nonetheless a delightful day to be there.  Anyone who wants to bird there tomorrow, be aware that ECC cross country championships will be held there.   Witness the 22 porto potties set up for the runners, not for the birders!  No one with bins is allowed in the porto potties!  Trust me on this, don't ask how I found out!!!!

Nothing unusual but saw several species of sparrows in addition to some gorgeous bluebirds.

sparrows: Field, White-throated,  Savannah, Swamp, Song, Chipping

Warblers: YR and Palm

Checked out all the Chipping Sparrows' lores to verify that they were indeed Chipping and not Clay-colored.  But there were many there and I am sure some escaped my bins.

Most yrs by this time I have had several WC Sparrows at Harkness.  Not sure why not this year, but it is OK, because I certainly saw plenty out in AZ and CO a couple of week's ago!

Just a reminder to everyone re: the mallard incident.  I had a wonderful superintendent of schools in the Lyme-Old Lyme school district for whom I worked for many years who said to us all at a workshop one day some words I will never forget:   Think very carefully before you ever send a NASTYGRAM!  You will live to regret it!   There is no place on this list for Nastigrams!  We have all been there and done that, at least, many of us have, so let us learn from this as well as forgive and move on and remember:  NO MORE NASTYGRAMS EVER ON THIS LIST.  

Carolyn Cimino

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