[CT Birds] Likely dark-morph Broad-winged Hawk over Danielson, CT

Mark Szantyr birddog55 at charter.net
Tue Oct 22 19:36:24 EDT 2013

While leaving work in Danielson  at about 1:30pm today, I saw a Broad-wined
Hawk in a glide overhead and upon closer inspection, noted that the bird
appeared all dark below.  The bird was in a folded wing glide with tail
folded but what I could see of the ventral surface of the remiges looked to
be nearly as uniformly dark as the body of the bird.  I was expecting to see
some contrast there but did not.  The bird was certainly a Broad-wing by
size and shape.


For what its worth.




Mark S. Szantyr

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Birddog55 at charter.net

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