[CT Birds] 2014 North American Bicycle Big Year - I need your help CT birders!

Dorian Anderson dca at stanfordalumni.org
Tue Oct 22 22:33:40 EDT 2013

Hello CT birders

My name is Dorian Anderson and I am a die-hard birder here in
Massachusetts. In short, I am going to do a nationwide self-powered big
year in 2014. The adventure is going to be called "Biking For Birds". I
plan on riding my bike about 15,000 miles around the country next year as I
aim for 600 species using ZERO petroleum! I have partnered with the
American Birding Association and The Conservation Fund, and the entire
endeavor is going to be used as a fundraiser for these two groups that
promote birding and bird conservation. They are going to use their
promotional machines to advertise the whole thing, and I also have some
interest from additional sponsors. I will be keeping a regular blog, and I
am in the process of getting this up and running right now so please stay

Here is a rough map of the route:


As you can see I will be going through Connecticut in January (yes,
January), and I am looking to find local birders with whom I can stay. This
adventure is motivated by birds, but will be remembered just as much for
the people that I meet along the way. I want to hear from EVERYONE in CT
since I have no idea what my route will look like; it will be determined by
where the birds are being seen. I want you to be a part of this adventure!

As for me, I am currently (at least for 8 more weeks) a postdoctoral fellow
at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School where I study
how neural circuits develop and function. Prior to this I was a PhD student
at NYU and an undergrad at Stanford. Basically, I have spent many years of
my life in a lab thinking that I wanted to do research forever. Now, as I
get a bit older (I am almost 35), I realize that if I don't make a change
right now, I am going to miss a lot of life outside the lab. This trip is
the first step towards redefining my life using my personal interests, my
people skills, and my creative abilities as guideposts. Birds have been a
really important part of my life, and I want to center at least the next
year of my life on my love for birds while doing what I can to raise money
for their conservation. You can see my love birds at my photo site:
www.dorianandersonphotography.com. This is just a collection of my photos,
it is not a commercial venture at this time.

Ok, that's it for the moment. Thanks for taking the time to read all of
this. I know its quite a bit to digest.

Please email me at bikingforbirds at gmail.com if you could house me for a
night, if you want to bird with me for a day, or if there is some other way
in which you want to be involved in this project. The more people that get
involved, the better! I want to hear from everyone, no matter where you are!

Cheers and Good Birding!

Dorian Anderson
Somerville MA
bikingforbirds at gmail.com

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