[CT Birds] LHP Hawkwatch, Thur, 10-24-13; saved the best for last

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Thu Oct 24 17:01:20 EDT 2013

53 migrating raptors; out of the last three one was a gorgeous  full adult  
GOLDEN EAGLE, and one was a gray ghost Northern Harrier. 
Best look I've ever had at an adult GE; it appeared over the  tall tree at 
the northern edge of the field, circled a few times in brilliant  sunlight, 
then headed west over the oak trees and the harbor. Never realized  before 
how brilliant the markings are in the right light; back looked gilded. 
2   Turkey Vultures
5   Northern harriers
27 Sharp-shinned Hawks
2  Coopers Hawks
2  Bald Eagles
1  Golden Eagle
1  Broad-winged hawk
1  Red-tailed Hawk
5  Merlin
2 American Kestrels
1  Peregrine Falcon (2 others seen circling the  park)
2  un-id'd accipitors
2  un-id'd raptors
Also 6 Common Ravens, one of which was attacked by a Merlin,  which looked 
like a gnat in comparison; 2 flyover American Pitits and one  American 
Woodcock (near the marsh)
There were many flocks of Brown Cowbirds, totalling perhaps 300  or more 
and uncountable Tree Swallows which circled the park and our field most  of 
the day. 
Not a big count but a very nice day.
Don Morgan

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