[CT Birds] bird census... and football!

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Tue Oct 29 12:58:00 EDT 2013

Thanks, Jonah, for the lead (and hi!).  I'm very suspicious of that rather selective use of CBC data.  Populations of several species are declining -- so they're still present at counts, but clearly there's danger. And so on. I think the picture is more mixed, especially when we realize that particular links in migratory cycles are threatened, which could break the whole chain.

Of course, we count the birds then, because it was a replacement for going out and shooting them by the hundreds for post-Christmas sport -- so there is some good in the news.

Others will be able to fill in with more authority.  Thanks again!  Arthur. 

> On Oct 29, 2013, at 11:53 AM, Jonah Cohen <jonahc at cox.net> wrote:
> Third was "Is the news truly that good from the Xmas counts?" I know that here in CT, there were some species in decline, though in some cases that might be closer to "normalizing" (ie gull numbers down from a few decades ago thanks to increases in eagles, and decreases in open landfills), He notes that forest health improves, but that doesn't help, say, grasslands birds. Overall, though... I don't know what the nationwide picture is. Any observations/thoughts on the data?

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