[CT Birds] Goshawk question

Joseph Cala Joejr14 at aol.com
Wed Oct 30 18:37:24 EDT 2013


Is there really any reliable site in the state to see a Goshawk? This is 
the last (common) hawk species I've yet to see/photograph in the state, 
and I unfortunately struck out on seeing on when I was in Alaska last year.

I know there's always a chance at a hawk watch site, but I just don't 
have the ability to be down there for numerous days due to work.  Ebird 
lists most of the sightings in the western portion of the state, and 
I've seen a decent number of reports of them from Colebrook Lake and 
surrounding area.  I know there was one down at Hammo last year or the 
year before, but I whiffed on seeing that one as well.

Are Goshawks confirmed breeders in the state?  Or is my best shot at 
seeing one in the winter?


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