[CT Birds] Waterford: Harkness WINTER WREN AND WC SPARROW, E. Lyme:Rocky Neck Ducks and Juncos

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Wed Oct 30 19:26:31 EDT 2013

Harkness Memorial SP in Waterford:

Birded mostly the brush dump and adjacent area, i.e. eastern part of the park

Sparrows are fewer than a week ago but still a good variety including 1 WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW.  other sparrow species: white-throated, field, swamp, song, house

1 WINTER WREN, 1 Carolina Wren, 1 E. Phoebe, 1 Palm Warbler
1 Cooper's Hawk, 1 RS Hawk
No Juncos. And no YR Warblers!!!!

Quick look through the duck blind on the western side: 3 Hooded Mergansers


Rocky Neck SP in E. Lyme

Brush dump in main parking lot:  15 Juncos

Sparrows, mostly in brush dump: Field, Song, Savannah, Swamp, White-throated

parking lot: 2 Killdeer

Marsh:  4 Greater Yellowlegs, 2 Great Egrets, 4 Hooded Mergansers, 1 Belted Kingfisher, many DC Cormorants

Carolyn Cimino

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