[CT Birds] Off Shore November Birds

Michael F Horn mfhorn at whitmancontrols.com
Fri Nov 1 14:04:17 EDT 2013

Hi Folks. Yesterday, Wed Oct 31, I was on board the Helen III out of Groton.
We were fishing for blackfish in Fisher's Island Sound. Yes Frank M, we did
indeed see flocks of Surf and Black Scoters plus great ragged V's of Double
Crested Cormorants and both Loons. As the weather got snottier and we headed
for the Thames River and Port, we saw loads of gulls and a few Wilson's
Storm Petrels too. Those are the little guys that look like they are dancing
on the water in the spotlights when we are night fishing way off shore. I
did not have my cameras with me because I anticipated (correctly) lots of
salt spray. Good Birding - Mike Horn



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