[CT Birds] BARNACLE GOOSE, Watertown

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 1 20:15:36 EDT 2013

>From Frank Mantlik
11/1  Watertown (Litchfield County) , Judd Pond = Big Meadow Pond, 5 pm. - BARNACLE GOOSE.
I very luckily found the Canada Goose flock on this pond, then miraculously was able to find the BARNACLE GOOSE in the scope - looking from the roadside (Rt 132 = Judd Farm Rd., near the big red barn) down to the pond but through a wall of deciduous trees. I was soon joined by J. Marshall and R. Smiley, both of whom saw the goose through my scope. Great find earlier today by G. Hanisek in the cornfield along Hard Hill Rd., Bethlehem -  (1.5 mile?) to the west/southwest.
Bird was noticeably different than CAGOs by being slightly smaller, with a grayer back which had prominent dark/blackish parallel barrings. The breast, neck, and crown were solid jet-black, which contrasted with the completely white face. Bill was dark. No photos were possible. I tried digiscoping, but phone kept focusing on foreground

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