[CT Birds] continuing Litchfield Black Scoter hen

Jamie Meyers ctredbird2 at comcast.net
Sun Nov 3 17:24:00 EST 2013

>From Jamie Meyers: 
11/3 -- Litchfield, North Bay of Bantam Lake as seen from the Town Beach -- the female BLACK SCOTER continues, this afternoon in the company of 2 Ruddy Ducks. 

Spurred on by Black Scoter reports from east of me, I decided to make a run at the large bodies of water that are relatively nearby. Barkhamsted and Nepaug Reservoirs were completely empty, as was the section of Colebrook Lake that can be seen from the Goodwin Dam. I have never seen that body of water so low. A consolation prize for me were 5 Green-winged Teal south of the Saville Dam, in the north end of Lake McDonough. Disappointed, I went down to Litchfield for the scoter to add her to my year (and Litchfield town) list. Bantam Lake had decent numbers of Ruddy Ducks and a few Bufflehead. 'Twas bloody cold in the wind. 

I appreciate seeing the other scoter reports on here even though I didn't have time to chase them. I quite enjoy looking for those tight, nervous flocks on inland lakes. Seems like there are one or two November days in particular that are good for them, along with other scoters and sometimes grebes and Oldsquaw too. Today appears to have been mildly good in that regard. Perhaps tomorrow might be as well, with more cold coming -- though the scoters seldom stick on inland lakes more than a day. 

Jamie Meyers 
Canton, CT 

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