[CT Birds] Winterizing birth/fountain question

Barbara Garrett barbaragarrett at optonline.net
Mon Nov 4 13:43:57 EST 2013

Hi everybody,

I have a copper fountain that sits in my gardening the temperate seasons in which the local (and migrants) drink and take baths.  Even today, I had passing Robins doing so.  No one has talked about this on our board, but I think we've been experiencing a drought.  Overnight, the deer, raccoons and possums are draining my fountain dry.  And I se the birds drinking as well.

My question is this:  I do not have the ability to keep this warm and from freezing.  Is there anything I can put in the water that won't harm the birds and will allow them to enjoy it when the temps hit freezing overnight?  The only thing I can think of is salt, but am wondering if that's dangerous for woodland birds to drink, whether they'll self-select and not drink it and continue to bathe in it?

Suggestions/comments are obviously welcome.

Barbara...who has gotten her first Juncos and Purple Finches, as well as American Robins today
north Stamford 

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