[CT Birds] Probable Razorbill

Christopher Loscalzo closcalz at optonline.net
Mon Nov 4 14:41:47 EST 2013

11/4/13, in Madison, at Hammonasset Beach State Park:  we took advantage of
a rare day off from work and spent the morning at the park.  The highlight
was a probable Razorbill (officially a "large alcid" species) that flew by
Meig's Point going from west to east and out of sight.  It had a dark head,
white belly and dark kinked wings.  It flew low and fast over the water.  It
was a bit too far out to see bill size and shape.  There were lots of "first
of season" birds, including: Greater Scaup, Surf Scoter, Black Scoter,
Red-breasted Merganser, Red-throated Loon, Common Loon, Horned Grebe, and
Snow Bunting.  Other notable sightings were: Northern Harrier, Ruddy
Turnstone, Dunlin, Sanderling, Laughing Gull, Eastern Phoebe, Field Sparrow,
and White-crowned Sparrow.  41 species in all.  Full report on ebird.   


Chris Loscalzo and Marianne Vahey,


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