[CT Birds] Took another trip to Twin Lakes today

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Wed Nov 6 17:17:54 EST 2013

Took another trip to Twin Lakes today to see whats in.

Saw 2 (pr) Red Headed Duck in with 5 Ringnecks.
50+ Coot

Beaver Dam Rd pond - 300 Ring-n Duck still here. Saw half fly up, circle around, then land again - fantastic!

At Under Mt Rd looking up at Canaan Mt, saw with nocks, 12 or so undulating Finch like birds near top of Mt going due South! (they were much larger than Goldfinch!) Let me know what they were when they get to you down there in southern CT! - K?

Nothing at the top of Canaan Mt cept Moose droppings in rd!

East Street N in Goshen. All along this rd on east side for two miles are saplings and dense brush. Many berry bushes and such here. Winterberry, Bittersweet, Poison Ivy, Crabapple etc. It was loaded with ROBINS! Also saw Cedar Waxwing, 4 Grackle and 3 Rusty Blackbird, and other common birds eating the bounty. 
Also: I am noticing all over up here a healthy crop of White Ash seeds! A favorite of Finches and Grosbeaks! Unlike last winter, they now have a reason to stop and winter here! Also the Birch crop looks good as well.....no so last winter, our tree seed crops were disastrous!

Paul Carrier - Harwinton 

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