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Thu Nov 14 17:23:19 EST 2013

While working at a private residence near Compo Beach, Westport, I was awed to see a juvenile Golden Eagle flying low about 100ft over my head. This was on November 4th.

I did not mention it on CT Birds because a good number of Golden's were being reported from several hawk watch sites.
I did however add it to my ebird list, since it was a first for me in CT.
The following day Tina Green spoke to me about my ebird sighting, I gave her the details of exactly where and when.

Today's Golden at Sherwood Is. can't be more then a mile as the crow, or should I say eagle flies to the area near Compo where I saw the bird last week.
While we were viewing the bird today someone asked if it could possibly be the same bird? I shrugged my shoulders thinking that by now that bird is probably a thousand miles from here, but what do I know?
I asked where the carcass that the eagle fed on was, I found it and saw that it was a Canada Goose, it's stomach and breast were gone. I'm thought to myself, "geez this eagle sure has thousands of CAGO to choose from in this area, their everywhere."
Later this afternoon Tina calls me and we have a discussion about these two eagles possibly being the same bird, one that may have found a easy picking's food source and is hanging around?
It would be interesting to see if another young eagle or two are sighted in the area over the next few weeks. 
Eye's to the skies!

Larry Flynn

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