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Hi all,
Well, I spoke with the homeowner today, and she is sure that the BLACK-CHINNED HUMMINGBIRD has departed. She last saw it on Wed., 11/13, at 7:30am.  She estimated that about 150 people came to view her rare visitor between 11/2 and 11/12.  Thank you so much!

We request those who saw the bird to submit a written report and/or photos to the Avian Records Committee of CT, since this was a first CT record. Information on how to do so is on the COA website:  http://www.ctbirding.org/arcc.htm

For those wishing to report their sighting to eBird, a special "hotspot" has now been set up.  It is "Black-chinned Hummingbird Stakeout - Oct/Nov 2013" in Fairfield, CT.

Good birding,
Frank Mantlik

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Hi all,
Here is an update on the BLACK-CHINNED HUMMINGBIRD (CT's first) that has been present in a private yard in Fairfield since Oct 23. (The ID as to species was not confirmed until Nov 2). I have been in daily contact with the homeowners regarding the bird's presence.  Well, after the wet, cold day yesterday (11/12), and the below-freezing temperatures last night, it appears as though the bird has departed.  

It was seen to be feeding yesterday morning during the snowfall, and later was perched and shivering at 4pm. It WAS seen by the homeowner early this morning (11/13), at 6:30 and again at 7:30am, acting chipper and feeding (or trying to) on the now-dead sage blossoms. But she has not seen it the rest of the day. Two others looking for it for an hour mid-day also did not see it. This is typical behavior for these late fall hummers; they feed once or twice early morning before departing. The bird had been fattening up on
 Pineapple Sage nectar for three weeks, and seemed healthy this morning.

During its stay, the homeowners graciously allowed birders to visit. Their name and address was not announced publicly on the internet or elsewhere, in honoring their wishes to not be swamped with visitors. Even so, since 11/2, I estimate almost 100 people saw this rare visitor. Many obtained photos. A sincere Thank You! to the homeowners for allowing visitors to see this little gem.

For those who saw it and who are wishing to enter their reports on eBird, we will set up a designated "hotspot" location which to select as the eBird location. But, we will wait another day (Thursday) to make sure the hummer has in fact departed before I provide this information. Please continue to be patient.

I have posted some photos of the Black-chin to my Flickr site:www.flickr.com/photos/avocetfm

Stay tuned,

Frank Mantlik
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