[CT Birds] Red-headed Woodpecker Si, Clay-colored No.

Dana Campbell dana.l.campbell at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 16:40:59 EST 2013

Seeing no raptors in the sometimes rainy sometimes drizzly and foggy skies
at the Lighthouse I went for the woodpecker.  As advertised, at the corner
of Bradley and Lincoln he flew into a tree behind the house on the NW
corner.  As I watched, he took a piece of wood about the size of a hefty
toothpick, worked it around in his bill a bit, then flew down with it to a
lower branch where I could see there was some kind if little cavity.  He
seemed to stick it into the hole, then hammered a bit.  Sure wish I could
have seen this behavior through my scope.  When I went to get it out of the
trunk, he flew of course.
So I know some birds who work bark looking for insects use tools, but do
woodpeckers?  Surely he was not nest building at this time of year.
Playing?  Anyone know?  Interesting.
East Shore Park - no Clay-colored found among MANY sparrows.  A small flock
of Golden-crowned Kinglets were working the conifers.

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