[CT Birds] Hamden Hoods update Fwd: eBird Report - Big Avis, Nov 22, 2013

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Fri Nov 22 17:40:12 EST 2013

Below, what I added to ebird about the Hooded Merg's in Big Avis, North Lake, Hamden.

Have any of you heard their low display call?

Begin forwarded message:
> Big Avis, New Haven, US-CT
> Nov 22, 2013 1:30 PM
> Protocol: Incidental
> 2 species
> Wood Duck  1
> Hooded Merganser  5     Follow up to presumed same 3 males, from about 9 am this morning.  Single F, M & F pair, 2 M together.  As 2 M swim, M with F swims towards them, one in particular, passing the other by.  These two engage in courtship / display behavior, including heads-back, head bobbing, rearing (sometimes with wing-fluttering), and vocalization.  The sound was a low, descending whinny, quiet (I could barely hear at about 150 yards).  I hope you know which I mean.  This went on for a few minutes at least, but I had to leave.  In all this, the 2 F seem utterly blasé, and 3rd M goes about his business unconcerned.  The display was just between these two.
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