[CT Birds] Assorted Reports

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Sat Nov 23 21:29:08 EST 2013

Passing these along.

 From Nancy Morand
11/23/13-Cromwell/Middletown on Rt 9 just before Exit 22- gorgeous adult Bald Eagle sitting up in the trees overlooking highway.

 From Annie and Mike Perko, Colchester
Rusty's again in Colchester Yard (5) this time feeding
on White Millet in backyard. 8A.M.
Between 10:30 and 11:30 A.M. in Old Saybrook "Maynard's"
pond behind Old Saybrook High School. Male and female
Eurasian Widgeon along with coots, lots of ruddy ducks, gadwall,
greater scaup, mallards, canada geese, belted kingfisher, r.b.,gulls.
Parking is terrible along Ingrahm  Rd. so best on weekends to go behind
school and walk in.

From SH Johnston:
11/22/13 and 11/23/13 -- Farmington, Batterson Pond
 - 4 (on 11/22) and 3 (on 11/23) RED-NECKED GREBES. On 11/22 I stopped 
at the boat launch toward dusk, just in time to see four RN Grebes, very
 close to shore, make their way into the marshy bit to the NW of the 
area, presumably for the night.  On 11/23, I arrived a little earlier, 
and was able to watch three birds for about 15 minutes. When dusk fell, 
they made their way to the marshy bit, presumable for the night. Good 
chance to see them there tomorrow (Sunday 11/24); excellent viewing if they hang about this area. Very handsome birds. Will post photos and video to http://quodlibet-sarah.blogspot.com/ in the next few days.
 my yard in Farmington, Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers have returned for the 
fourth winter in a row, They are very interested in the black walnut 
tree, and also visit the bittersweet vines and suet feeder. 1 adult male
 (same guy as in past winters, judging from his choice of perches) and 
two juveniles. The bittersweet is invasive, but has fed, over the past 
few years, Sapsuckers, Thrashers, Pine Grosbeak, Hermit Thrush, Cedar 
Waxwings, woodpeckers, and others.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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